My Italian Treasures creates all sorts of itineraries

Depending on your needs, we design visits from a single half-day city tour to a complete multiple-day itinerary with accommodations. We can provide guided visits in various cities throughout the peninsula. We have a great network of professional contacts and specialists, which we have consolidated over the years. We also work with qualified licensed drivers and can provide first-class shore excursions, driving excursions and transfers in regions such as Lombardy (Milan & Lake Como), Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio (Rome), Campagnia (Amalfi Coast), and Puglia. 
In crafting bespoke experiences we strive to exceed expectations and offer the highest quality at all levels to ensure a seamless vacation. 

Here are some itinerary ideas for inspiration!

Monteriggioi, Siena :: My Italian Treasures & Elizabeth Namack, tour operator

Dynamic Tuscany

Dynamic Tuscany – an Active Adventure from Florence This itinerary is perfect for active travelers looking for private, customized and hands-on experiences with a focus on

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Tuscany and Umbria

Perfect for a laid-back vacation without the stresses of driving! This itinerary includes the main sites in Florence paired with an exploration of the region of

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Puglia and Matera

The Pleasures of Puglia A Get-away to Italy’s splendid Deep South An itinerary perfect for those who have seen Italy’s main attractions and are seeking something

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Tuscan Treasures

The Jewel of Italy crowned by a special Vow-renewal Dinner The organizing couple wanted to see Florence and Tuscany. They wanted an exclusive dinner venue in

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