Until you can physically come to Italy, Italy can come to you!

So many small businesses have been drastically affected by 2020 events. It is also sad to write, but often relief funding in Italy arrives too little and too late. If you can, consider ordering something to support a local artisan and family. 
Here are some personally selected products which reflect the artistic craft tradition in Italy. In order to work out delivery details, My Italian Treasures will either handle the purchase for you or put you directly in touch with the supplier. We will be adding more selections in the coming months so check back with us again soon!

All items are made
in Italy


Patrizia is a book-binder and fine arts professor at American university study abroad programs. When her school closed down in the spring of 2020, she had a calling to return to her artistic roots (and the reason why she had come to Florence in the first place).
She unexpectedly had more time on her hands to spend in her small art studio, so she started creating hand-made journals.
These one-of-a-kind pandemic journals, entitled “Before we Forget,” were created for these one-of-a-kind times.

The journals have thirty-six pages (30 acid free writing pages + 6 specialty paper pages) with writing prompts sprinkled throughout to help you remember and record your experiences of the 2020 pandemic.

Completely hand-crafted with hand-marbled or hand-printed paper and cloth covers. Size: 14,5 x 21,5 cm (6″ x 8 1/2″)

Each journal is unique, so if the design you want is no longer available, Patricia will create another similar one just for you. 

Price Euro 30 + Shipping

Patricia also makes blank journals, photo albums and other custom work. 

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Size: 30×40 cm (11,8″x 15,75″)
(matted 50×60 cm, 19,6″x23,6″)
Carruggio in Liguria
Size 25×35 cm (9,8″x13,7″) matted 40×50 cm (15,75″x19,68″)
size 30×40 cm (11,8″x 15,75″), matted 40×50 cm (15,75″x19,68″)
Santo Spirito
size 30×40 cm (11,8″x 15,75″), matted 40×50 cm (15,75″x19,68″)


Deborah is an astro-physicist by training who works at the University of Florence. She starting painting for fun in 2002 and has never stopped. She enjoys painting because it allows her to express herself.
The technique’s quickness, the density of the brushstrokes, and the fact one can’t go back to change things mean one must concentrate fully and this creates emotional creativity and fullfillment. Her native city of Florence and the Tuscan countryside is a great font of inspiration.
In addition to watercolor shows in various Italian cities, her work has been recognized in international competitions in Albania, Budapest and India. Enjoy some of her sweet watercolors, which represent idyllic landscapes so dear to her heart.

Cost: Shipping cost to USA approx. Euro 30

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We all want to help the environment and strive for a more sustainable future. A simple way to do that is to use re-usable shopping bags.
Cristina and I went to painting conservation school together. She now lives outside of Venice in the small town of Treviso located at the foothills of the Dolomites. 

This stylish waterproof tote can be used not just for groceries, but also to carry books, ipads, or anything needed for a daily commute. These are made in plasticized cotton, but they can also be made in 100% cotton. Graphics can be delicate birds, cute dogs or curious forest animals.
Available fabric will be advised at the moment of order. Precisely because of the uniqueness of each creation, the graphic could be positioned differently from the picture shown.
If desired, a photo of the cut cloth can given.
Trousse in cloth or in leather can also be created. 

Designed and handmade by Cristina.
Sizes 35 x 42 cm – 100% high-quality plastic cotton.
Dark brown cotton handles, resistant, 2.5 cm wide and 70 cm long.

Priced at Euro 47 + Fedex Shipping to USA approx. Euro 30

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