Pilgrimage Trip to
Rome, Assisi and Florence

- Fall 2023 -

Disciples at Work:
Exploring the lives of St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Francis, St. Clare and the Church in Italy through the Renaissance
on a Pilgrimage Trip to Rome, Assisi and Florence
with the Church of the Good Shepherd
Cashiers, NC

11 nights / 12 days
from 20 October
to 31 October 2023

with optional Siena Extension:

3 nights / 4 days
from 31 October
to 3 November 2023

A pilgrimage is a journey, often into an unknown or foreign place, where a person goes in search of new or expanded meaning about their self, others, nature, or their faith through the experience. It can lead to a personal transformation, which the pilgrim takes back to daily life.

This tailored itinerary will introduce you to the wonders of Italy while offering insight into the way of life – past and present – of the Bel Paese, the ‘beautiful country.’ Take in many main sites of Rome, Assisi and Florence (and possibly Siena), enhanced by insights from Father Rob and your knowledgeable tour guides into the rich and extensive history that has shaped the world in so many ways.

Set eyes on some of the most important artworks (religious and otherwise) ever created, see world-famous architecture, stroll along stunning streets and step into glorious squares, all whilst experiencing some of the most poignant spiritual locations to exist. Of course, savor tastes that are famous around the world… yet never quite as exquisite as when enjoyed in situ.

Along the way, enjoy special times of prayer, meditation and reflection in various religious locations, including the tombs of St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. Francis – three men whose faith and witness shaped the church. Scriptures, poems, sculptures, and art will elevate your spiritual journey in lasting and memorable ways.

The following itinerary outlines our travels and points out when meals are included in your price and when they are not. We have built in free time so that participants can explore, pray, eat, shop, rest, or read. During these times, couples or small groups can enjoy experiences and exploration together. For planned and included group meals, we will have time for some discussion, instruction, and reflection.

Participants will make flight arrangements themselves since many will be coming and going from different places in the USA or even from/to Europe. We also know that many people have points to use for flights and that different levels of flight experience will be chosen. There are many non-stop flights to Rome (FCO) and the airport in Florence is a good departure site. Some may already be in Rome or Italy before hand; simply get yourselves to the group’s hotel by the afternoon of October 21—which means flights from the US would need to depart on October 20, 2023 or earlier.

Get ready to walk: The pilgrimage includes a moderate amount of walking (5-6 miles a day, but not all at once! and not too fast) and occasional use of stairs or steeply sloped pathways. Towns like Assisi and Siena are hilly. Walking surfaces may be uneven or unpaved. Some of the places that we will be visiting can only be seen on foot with no other access possible.
Please be mindful of this parameter when registering.

PRICES (11 nights / 12 days)

Prices are based on accommodation in a twin/double room
Note: THE PILGRIMAGE IS ON! We just need a few more participants to have 15 paying guests.
Initial registration and deposit is required upon application.

Group of 15–19

Cost per person:

5910 euro

US$ 6,395

Group of 20-24

Cost per person:

5375 euro

US$ 5,820

Group of 25+

Cost per person:

5100 euro

US$ 5,530

These sums are based on the exchange rate as of January 17
note: the final amount to be paid by bank transfer or by credit card may vary slightly due to the fluctuating currency exchange rate and final group numbers and will change accordingly.

Single supplement in a double room for single use +1400 euro / US$ 1,530.
Pricing for triple room or four-to-a-room on request.
Optional Extra Welcome to Rome tour on day 1 (starting at 3.00 PM) Euro 40 per person / US$ 45 per person.

Optional transfer from FCO Fiumicino airport to hotel city center Euro 150 / US$ 175 (mini-van can fit up to 6 people)

SIENA EXTENSION PRICES (3 nights / 4 days )

The Siena Extension is confirmed! Rates based on minimum 6 participants

Price per person based on accommodation in a double room:

1200 euro

US$ 1,300

Single supplement
(double room for single use):

+ 200 euro

+ US$ 220


  • Completion of enrolment form and a deposit of 500 euro ( US$ 550 ) per person by February 28, 2023, is required to hold space on the trip.*
  •  The deposit is refundable (minus a US $150 processing fee) for cancellations communicated before 20 July 2023 when the non-refundable final payment is due—unless your space on the trip gets filled by another participant.
  • Final non-refundable payment is needed 90 days prior to the tour start date (20 July 2023)
  • No refunds will be paid out after 20 July 2023 unless you secure a substitute participant to take your place. The refund of fees will be worked out between you, the replacement participant, and My Italian Treasures.
  • We strongly recommend obtaining Travel Insurance, which would be helpful in the event of last-minute cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Payments can be made by US$ bank transfer or credit card

* We need a minimum of 15 sign-ups by 28 February 2023 in order to guarantee the departure for the pilgrimage trip and a minimum guarantee of 6 sign-ups by 28 February 2023 in order to guarantee the departure for Siena extension. If you are interested don’t delay and register now!

We look forward to sharing our love for Italy with you!